About us

Welcome to the affiliatemirror.com and thanks for stopping by to check the About page.

The site is owned by an engineering graduate who is a full-time employee but enterprising by inner urge.

Affiliate Mirror aims to share authentic information on various dimensions of monetizing your efforts on web.

In its ambit comes affiliate marketing, blogging, SEO, Social media marketing and so on. It would also feature the news on finance, fintech and how technology is impacting our everyday life.

I’m Bill Sha and because of my Engineering background in academics, writing about tech is my natural flare.

But as you know, writing anything on web without a practical knowledge of SEO it is impossible to get found.

With this in backdrop, I first went on learning the nuances of blogging & SEO. The learning curve was though, steep for me enabling to catch things fast, raising the confidence sufficiently to be on web took me a considerable time.

I have been a long-time student of an affiliate marketing training with huge subscriber base. And, so all those would reflect here on some of my posts.

Many of the articles published on Affiliate Mirror are inspired by my skill & experiences acquired through the paid training.

In any case, I have however no plan to make stuff paid here. What you happen to come across would be absolutely free.

Some of my recommendations here are based on my experiences and subscribing to them would be either be free or at no extra cost as compared to marketplace.

I would like to again clarify that if you buy something from here, I might get a small affiliate commission but at no extra cost to you.

Having said that, I would like to assure you that you are always free to contact me for whatsoever doubts at contactus@affiliatemirror.com

So yeah, continue browsing the affiliatemirror.com to find valuable stuff in the vast array of finance, fintech, blogging, SEO, online money making, tips & tricks thereon; all acquired through my personal experiences.

Thanks again to scroll this far!