Wealthy Affiliate for India.Is Wealthy Affiliate in India Available?

wealthy affiliate in India

Friends welcome to our new post Titled Wealthy Affiliate For India. Is Wealthy Affiliate in India Available?. Is free membership available for wealthy affiliate India?

There are almost crores of online users in India and there are many users in it who want to earn money online. Because Wealthy Affiliate for India is a very good affiliate marketing program for affiliate beginners and experts to earn money online, so I dedicated this post to my Indian readers who want to make passive income online with wealthy affiliate India program.

I will cover here the important topics of Wealthy affiliate Hindi here and I will also cover some question here which are asked by Indian reader always about wealthy affiliate India.

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Whether You Can Make Money Online From Wealthy Affiliate India Program?

yes, you can easily earn money from a wealthy affiliate by working hard and giving a little time. wealthy affiliate is a very good online program which provides us with online training of all kind of online business. This program gives us many tools and training so that we can build a better website and easily earn money online.

Commission stucture of wealthy affiliate

So far, in all kinds of Affiliate programs available in the market, the wealthy affiliate is doing better than others. More than 1 million people connected within the wealthy affiliate from the world and they are very friendly and helpful. Along with this, there are expert affiliate marketers in the wealthy affiliate who are all the time Ready to help you.

So now we will talk about the affiliate marketing training programs, website building tools, technical support and community support available in the wealthy affiliate program.

1.Best and perfect affiliate marketing training:

Wealthy Affiliate India provides an online affiliate marketing training program. This online training program has 5 labels and 10 lessons are given at each level. In these lessons, you are given full training on how you can earn money online. Written training is provided along with tutorials.

wealthy affiliate hindi India

And at the same time, some cards are given which you have to complete, in these lessons, you will learn everything that you need to make a website to earn money, in these training programs, how you will get your website on social media Promote that training is also given.

Within these training programs, you are given information to create a website according to your favourite topic so that you can select a topic of your choice and make a website on it and you can easily earn money online. So this training program will give you information on cooking, to make a website so that you can earn good money from the cooking website.

wealthy affiliate training program


In addition, in these training programs, you are also trained to sell products from other websites through your website. Affiliate marketing is called selling products from other websites on your website like you can send the products of Amazon website through your website. And Amazon’s product gives you some commission on selling it, in this way you can create a money earning affiliate website.

In this way, we can say that from the beginning to the last, from the creation of the website to earning money through the website, Wealthy Affiliate provides all the information through these training programs.

2. Easy and fast website builder tools:

Now we will talk about the website builder tools available in the wealthy affiliate program. Wealthy Affiliate not only gives us the training to build a website but also provides us with good tools to make these websites better and better.

Some Tools

wealthy affiliate siterubix

Wealthy Affiliate has a very perfect web building platform named Site Rubix website builder tool which is directly connected to WordPress.

With the help of Site Rubix website Building Platform, you can easily create your website with a very beautiful and professional look in just a few minutes. To give a professional look to the website you have created, at least 2000 WordPress themes available on the site Rubix Web Building Platform. And you can choose any of these themes for your website without paying any money. Means all 2000 professional WordPress theme are free in the wealthy affiliate program.

At the same time, you have been provided with the best software for monitoring your website traffic and monitoring your website by which you can see what your website rank is in Google and Through this software, you can easily get feedback of your website within the community.

Along with this, a comment section has also been provided in this platform, in which you can receive comments for your website, not only that, the team of 24 hours technical support is available to run these websites, you can easily contact to take technical support in case of any kind of problem.

3.Awsome Support and Help:

Wealthy Affiliate has more than 1 million people all over the world, Some of these are those who are getting started in affiliate marketing and many of them are also experts in affiliate marketing and are very successful in online business and making good money. Many of these people have been associated with wealthy affiliate ever since wealthy affiliate program was launched in 2005.

Help center in India

With the help of the community members of the wealthy affiliate, we can get any kind of help 24 hours a day. If you are facing any kind of problem in creating your website, then you can talk about your problems in the live chat area. Also, you can tell your problems by questioning the community member area.

With this, if you have any question, then you can easily ask your question among the community discussion area and your question gets answered very quickly.

I think that this community discussion area system is making this program a successful, perfect and best online Affiliate marketing program and I hope that if you also join a wealthy affiliate program then you too will like the community discussion area.

Is Wealthy Affiliate Available in India?

Let us inform you here that in most countries, the wealthy affiliate has a 2-level membership program in which the first member is starter membership and the second member is the premium membership.

Wealthy Affiliate has given only premium membership option in some countries. Unfortunately, India is among those countries where only the option of premium membership is available. There are only 4 countries along with India where only the option of premium membership is available. These countries are Philipines, Nigeria, India and Pakistan.

I want to say to my Indian friends that need not be disappointed. You can start using all types of training programs and all kinds of website tools of the wealthy affiliate India program by taking direct premium membership.

wealthy affiliate hindi India membership plan

Beyond the training, website building tools and community support provided by wealthy affiliate Premium Membership fee is nothing. You can avail all these features by at only $ 47. It is not a big amount $ 47 is approximately ₹ 3000 a month in Indian rupees.

If you want to join the wealthy affiliate program in less than that, then you can take a yearly membership in which you get some discount. The cost of annual premium membership is $ 495 which is around ₹ 35000 years, this gives you about $93 discount.

Calculation Here:

If you join monthly premium membership:

$49 * 12  = $588 for one year

If you Join yearly Premium membership:

$495 for 0ne year ( approx $93 discount than monthly membership plan)

membership plan in India

4. Why Starter Membership Plan is Not available For Wealthy Affiliate in India:

Wealthy Affiliate is a very good Affiliate marketing training program and it is a spam-free zone as well as it is a safe platform for the participating members who always try to outdo each other so that everyone gets success.

Founder Kerala and Cation of the company saw that from these 4 countries this program is getting a lot of clicks and a lot of members are only joining starter memberships but they are not moving forward. They are not working on making a website but only by creating an account, due to which much spamming was increasing on the wealthy affiliate program. That is why the calendar Cassan had no other way, so he closed these 4 countries for starter membership and only given the option of premium membership.

There are more than 10 crore real people in India who want to earn money online rightly, so I think that soon the Kail will change their decision and start the start membership in India.


So let’s go Ahead …Join Wealthy Affiliate India Program……

You will be sad after thinking that you can not join the starter membership, then there is no need to be disappointed in this, you have still the option of premium membership. I have given almost all the information about wealthy affiliate, so now you can easily opt for a premium membership to take advantage of all the features available at wealthy affiliate and with the help and support of this program you can easily earn money online by creating best and perfect websites in the online world.

I hope that by opting for the Premium Membership option, you will enjoy all the facilities available in wealthy affiliate. In the wealthy affiliate in India, you will get all the training and tools from creating a website to making money, so the $47 fee is nothing for this program. The wealthy affiliate program worth the price.

Join premium membership


Note: Lot of people in India want to join the free membership of wealthy affiliate India for getting experience about wealthy affiliate training course. It is good news for you that Now free membership is available for wealthy affiliate India program. So don’t think so much and immediately join the wealthy affiliate India program for affiliate marketing training.

If you have some questions which I have not covered in this wealthy affiliate India post, then ask your query by commenting in the comment box, I will try my best to answer them.






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