Wealthy Affiliate Review [SCAM/LEGIT].Best Affiliate Marketing Training Course.

wealthy affiliate review.best affiliate marketing training course

Welcome friends to my new post Wealthy Affiliate Review 2020.Best Affiliate Marketing Training Course. Today I am here you to giving you a review of the best affiliate marketing course called a wealthy affiliate. wealthy affiliate is a unique affiliate marketing course for beginners as well as experts.here in wealthy affiliate review I will cover all aspects related to the wealthy affiliate training course. In this wealthy affiliate review, I will also discuss the wealthy affiliate customer review. I will start with my story that why I am writing a wealthy affiliate review and then after covering all topics related wealthy affiliate I will end this wealthy affiliate review with my conclusion and wealthy affiliate customer review given by happy members of wealthy affiliate.

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Wealthy Affiliate Review (overview):

Product: Wealthy Affiliate (Best Affiliate Marketing Training Course)

Creator: Kyle & Carson

Official Website: wealthyaffiliate.com

Price: first Free Starter membership and second Premium membership Price $19 for the first month and $49/month thereafter.

Overall Rank: 98 out of 100.

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Who am I and Why I am Writing Wealthy Affiliate Review:

Wealthy Affiliate Review [Scam/Legit].Best Affiliate Marketing Training Course by billshaHello, Friend, My name is BillSha and I am a member of wealthy affiliate since 2016. I will give you the short description of my journey in wealthy affiliate after reading my story you can understand why I am writing a wealthy affiliate review here.

I have joined the wealthy affiliate in 2016. A close friend of mine introduced me wealthy affiliate and I join the wealthy affiliate. I joined wealthy affiliate but as youngster mind, I was also searching the way to make money online fast and very fast.

I completed only a few training courses and at that time I felt that it would take me a lot of time to earn money.

But still, I had the urge to earn quick money, that means the desire to become rich overnight.

To fulfil my wish, I started searching for quick money-making programs online.

And within these two years, I joined many fast money-making programs. But these quick money-making programs gave me nothing but disappointment.

I wasted two years and a lot of money on these quick money-making programs.

After spending a lot of money and time on fast making money program I realise that no program can give you money fast. If you want success it is a step by step process and will take some time and dedication.

After all this, I was very disappointed and I felt that no program could teach me to make money.

After some time I contacted my friend who had me join the Wealth Affiliate. He encouraged me and told me to complete all the training programs given in the Wealth Affiliate. And he said that if you follow every step with complete dedication, no one can stop you from earning money.

I again joined the wealthy affiliate on 25th June 2020.

I studied some Bootcamp affiliate marketing training very seriously and started the process of trying it.

I learned from Affiliate Bootcamp training course given by Kyle and set a google AdWords account. Then I prepared a advertise according to the instructions given in the training. And run it on google

I got very positive and fast results to result in Goole Adword PPC.

Due to best Bootcamp training program, I got 19 referral within 5 days in June 2020.

After that, I decided to go for organic traffic and follow the step by step process of the wealthy affiliate training course

I learn from the wealthy affiliate training course given by Kyle.

I have creat a website and Now I am a three-figure earner with the help of wealthy affiliate training program after two months of joining wealthy affiliate again.

I was very surprised by the results of Wealthy Affiliate.

I am so excited!

Today I am very happy with my decision to joined the wealthy affiliate again.

I am very thankful to my mentor Kyle and Carson for giving me such a wonderful training program and powerful keyword tool (Jaaxy).

Now I think I would have been a successful online businesswoman by now if I had not followed the money-making program and worked according to the instructions of the wealthy affiliate.

Here I want to say to the new members of wealthy affiliate starter member as well as premium member kindly learn through the superb training program and tools and don’t go behind the fast money-making program. because money-making is not a magic bullet .it will take some time and dedication.


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Wealthy Affiliate Joining Free Bonuses:

You will get worth $597 Bonuses Free with Wealthy Affiliate Joining.

Bonus #1: 1,000 High Traffic, Low Competition Keywords ($199)

Bonus #2: Secrets of Niches and  Keywords research Success ($249)

Bonus #3: Domain Industry Secrets ($149)

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Wealthy  Affiliate Review:

Affiliate marketing is very good and profitable business. Due to it being a profitable business, most people want to adopt it and wish for online money. People who want to earn money from affiliate marketing, search through the search engine and get information about how to earn money from affiliate marketing. They get incomplete information about affiliate marketing by reading some blogs or watching youtube videos. Based on some information from the blog and YouTube videos, they start affiliate marketing.

But due to incomplete information, they could not achieve success in it. The failure in affiliate marketing due to incomplete information frustrates them and they stop thinking about making money in online business. In this way, they consider Affiliate Marketing as a very difficult business and recommend to others that Affiliate Marketing is a very difficult business and you will get disappointment.

But it is not so. The Affiliate Marketing business is a very easy and profitable business. A successful guide is needed to earn money through affiliate marketing. If you do any business with incomplete information, then you will face failure, therefore I am saying that you have to get full information about affiliate marketing to earn money online.

Today I am going to tell you here about one such affiliate marketing training program which is the best affiliate training program in this industry. I am talking about wealthy affiliate training program created by Kyle and Carson. If you are a beginner this affiliate marketing program is the best fit for you for making successful online business but if you are an expert then this training course will take your business to a new height.

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is an online Affiliate marketing training program that gives us detailed information about affiliate marketing through training and tasks and paves the way for us to become the online affiliate marketer.

This program was started by Care and Kerson in 2000 and since then the program has been growing rapidly. Today, more than one million people are involved in this program from all over the world. It is one of the best affiliate marketing training programs available on the market.

The community of 10 lakh people present in Wealthy Affiliate is very helpful and this community is ready to help 24 hours. This community support makes this program superior to all other programs present in the market.

In this program, you are given detailed information about creating a money-making website from beginning to end. At the same time, you are provided with the best website tools so that you can create a professional-looking website which helps you in earning money online.

Apart from this, you are provided with many tools in this program like domain registration tool market research tool and keyword research tool etc. which help in establishing a better online business.

Apart from the above information, there are many such tools and training in the Wealthy Affiliate Program, which we will discuss further in detail.

How Wealthy Affiliate Works:

The main objective of the Wealthy Affiliate  System is to turn you a successful online affiliate marketer for making money online with your website. Through step by step training course a video you become the best affiliate marketer. In the training courses, you will be taken through 120 lessons worth of video content and written text. These training classes explain to you everything you need to know about affiliate marketing.

Wealthy Affiliate Review [Scam/Legit].Best Affiliate Marketing Training CourseThe author dedicates some lesson about affiliate marketing. All training courses teach you the concept of affiliate marketing , How to build a profitable website, how to attract tons of traffic and how to convert traffic into revenue etc..

In the Affiliate Boot, Camp Training Course includes how to use the best and targeted traffic sources like Google Adword, Bing and Yahoo etc.

The main idea behind the wealthy affiliate training course is to make a niche website , use a long-tail keyword, rank in google and yahoo for those long-tail keywords and start making thousands of dollars on a daily basis.

How effective this program is:

to establish an online business, Wealthy Affiliate is a very active and perfect program and is capable of fulfilling the promises made by them. The main objective of Wealthy Affiliate is to make you a successful online business owner on your favourite topics, for this, they have prepared a powerful course. You can easily start an online business through powerful courses and training.

In these training courses, along with video training, you are also given text training so that you can understand everything easily. This program has been designed in such a way that despite having zero knowledge of online business, you can build a successful online business. It is a very good online training program for people starting an online business. Not only this, but the experts of affiliate marketing are also using this program to grow their online business rapidly.

But it is not so. The Affiliate Marketing business is a very easy and profitable business. A successful guide is needed to earn money through affiliate marketing. If you do any business with incomplete information, then you will face failure, therefore I am saying that you have to get full information about affiliate marketing to earn money online.

Is  wealthy affiliate worth the price:

Wealthy affiliate has two types of membership, one is free starter membership and the other is paid premium membership. The premium membership is charged at $ 49. By becoming a premium member, you can take advantage of all the tools and training programs present in the Wealthy Affiliate. Prominent among these are education training program, live chat area, private message, website builder tool, community discussion area etc.

In addition, you can host 10 websites for free in Wealthy Affiliate .wealthy affiliate also has a domain registration tool where you can search for the domain name of your choice and also register that domain online. Apart from this, a very powerful keyword research tool is given to the premium member named Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool. In only just $ 49, you are also provided with a lot of tools which play a very big role in establishing an online business.

You can also join the Wealthy Affiliate for free by taking a starter membership, but there are limited tools and training programs available for the free member. But if you want to get a live experience of wealth affiliate program then you can easily join it for free. No credit card is required to join for free. If you are not satisfied with my words You can take a tour of the wealthy affiliate by joining free and judge your self that wealthy affiliate worth the price or not.

Is wealthy affiliate a user-friendly platform?

Wealthy Affiliate Platform is very simple and easy to use and easy to understand affiliate marketing training program. You can easily use its dashboard and go to your desired area with a single click. With the help of site Rubik platform, you can easily create a professional-looking website without any hassle.

You do not need any technical knowledge to create a website. Information on how to use the tools present in the Wealthy Affiliate is given through videos and written training in the training course. Through training, you can easily use any tool or services available in wealthy affiliate platform.


Wealthy affiliate service is very good everywhere for any area. The wealthy affiliate program is growing rapidly in the market due to better service provided to the customer. The web hosting platform available in Wealthy Affiliate is an advanced class hosting platform. Is where well-known companies host their websites.

Wealthy Affiliate’s community support is excellent and Community Support makes Wealthy Affiliate a unique affiliate marketing training program. More than 1000000 people present in the community are very helpful and are always ready to help.

Apart from this, the best thing in this platform is that you can talk to Kyle, Co-founder of the company on the message. If you have any problem, you can private message direct to Kyle. which you get a reply soon.

Wealthy affiliate’s technical support service is also of advanced quality. Any kind of technical problem is resolved immediately. Any type of question or problem is resolved without any delay.

If you want to earn money online then affiliate marketing is a very good option for you. The Wealthy Affiliate training program gives you detailed information about affiliate marketing as well as detailed information on how to earn money from affiliate marketing. If you are new to online marketing and want to earn money online, then Wealthy Affiliate Program is made for you.

Millions of people are searching online to get the money-making program, but it is very difficult to know which program is reliable. Many people have lost both their money and time by getting stuck in the fake affiliate marketing program. I suggest you read my full and honest Wealthy Affiliate Review before joining this program.

Before joining any affiliate marketing training program, there are some questions that you should ask yourself and join the affiliate marketing training course only if you get the right answer.

1. Is the program that I am joining all information available according to my need.

2. Is the fee to join this program in my budget?

3. Am I ready to earn money from affiliate marketing

4. Can I give my dedication and time honestly

5. Whether people are making money online from the program.

6. Whether the program fees are worth the program.


I have come here today with the Wealth Affiliate Review because you can earn money in it but sincerely you have to give your time and dedication to this program, we will discuss it further.

is wealthy affiliate legit?

Wealthy Affiliate is an online affiliate marketing training course that helps people build a better online business through the video training and written text training.

The Wealthy Applet program offers two types of membership, first paid premium memberships and the other starter free memberships. As a free membership, You can remain a member of the Wealthy Affiliate for a lifetime without paying any fee. And I claim that no other affiliate marketing training program ever offers free membership for life.

On joining the free membership, you are provided with a limited number of tools and training programs that you can use throughout your life at no charge.

The main objective of Wealthy Affiliate is to teach you to create a perfect website on your favourite topics. Through which you can easily earn money online. In Wealthy Affiliate training course, the starting of any subject is done from the beginning so that you can understand it easily.

Let me tell you here that the wealthy affiliate training program never promises to make you rich overnight, while other scammy affiliate marketing training programs promise to make you rich overnight.

Wealthy Affiliate tells that you can easily earn money online by following the training program step by step and you have a need to giving some of your precious time for creating content.

It is true that you cannot trust any program without knowing it. To trust any program, it is very important to have complete knowledge of that program.

I am discussing all the aspects of this program here in my wealth affiliate review so that you can get a better knowledge of this program.

After reading my Wealthy Affiliate Review, you can easily decide whether this program is the best fit for you or not.

Community-Based Training Program:

Wealthy affiliate has more than 1 million people from all over the world. We can say that wealthy affiliate is a community base affiliate training program. By the way, in this affiliate marketing training program, all kinds of training are available which are helpful for your business. But from time to time, community members also train on new topics that you can use to grow your business.

Wealthy Affiliate members are very active. We can say that members of wealth affiliate are always available.

The Wealthy Affiliate community is very helpful and positive, By joining this you can easily experience the positive attitude of all the members.

Talented and expert members of the community are ready to answer your questions all the time and in a few moments, your questions are answered through these community members.

If you want to test how active the community is. So after taking a free membership you can any questions in the live chat area and your question will be answered immediately by the community member.

If you want to interact with a member by private messaging, then you will have to take premium membership to avail of this facility. In premium membership, you can private message to any member. Not only this, but you can also talk to the co-founder of this company, Kyle, by direct private message. I believe it is impossible to talk directly to the owner of the company on any other platform.

You have learned here that the people of the community of wealthy affiliate are active and helpful in nature. Your problems are easily resolved in the community area. Therefore, we can say that community support is a very important basis of wealthy affiliate and this is what distinguishes it from other affiliate programs.

Apart from the community area, there are many tools that help in making it a better identity among other programs like domain registration tool, market research tool, website hosting platform etc.

Wealthy Affiliate has all the tools and training required for a better online affiliate marketing business, thus we can say that Wealthy Affiliate is an all-in-one affiliate marketing training program.

Free Membership Vs Premium Membership:

The Wealthy Affiliate program also comes with a free starter membership. If you want to get the look and feel of wealth affiliate then you can easily join wealth affiliate for free without any credit card. this program is free for lifetime. In the free starter membership, you can make limited use of the training programs and tools in wealthy affiliate. Below are the Tools and services which you can avail in the free starter membership

  • Live Help – First 7 Days
  • 2 Websites
  • Website Backup
  • Beginner Training Course
  • Personal Affiliate Blog
  • Affiliate Bootcamp Training – Phase 1 Only
  • Video Walk-Throughs
  • Keyword Research Tool – 30 Searches
  • Training Classrooms – 2
  • Affiliate Program
  • 1-on-1 Coaching – First 7 Days

If you have to use all the training and all the tools of the Wealthy Affiliate, then you can take the Premium Membership of the Wealthy Affiliate, the premium membership fee is $ 49. Below we have presented a comparison chart from which you can know that what else you will get in the premium membership apart from the starter membership.

Pro and cons Of Free and Premium Membership:


1. With limited resources, you can stay in the wealthy affiliate for a lifetime.

2.No credit card is required to join the membership for free. You can take the free membership of Wealthy Affiliate by just giving your email id and name.

3. Except for some countries, free membership is available all over the world.

4. By paying only $ 49, you will get all the tools and training required to become a successful affiliate marketer.


1. The free starter membership is not available in some countries

2. In the free membership, you can use only some training and tools.

The thing to Consider Before Joining Affiliate Marketing Training Program:

Within a few years, the trend of people has increased rapidly towards affiliate marketing. For this reason, affiliate marketing has become a very competitive field. Many scamming affiliate marketing training programs in the market are growing like mushrooms. between these scam programs, finding the right program has become a very difficult task.

Therefore, by creating a website and joining any affiliate program and writing their review, we also need to know that the affiliate marketing training program we are writing a review is a legit program. Writing a review of the right program enhances the edibility of your website.

I want to say here that to become a successful affiliate marketer a plan is required.

If you want to become a successful affiliate marketer and you want to earn passive income, then you have to perform better than another affiliate marketer present in the market. For that, you need to make a great plan honestly. You don’t start making money just by creating a website, you need to bring traffic to this website and it is necessary to convert this traffic into revenue.

This is what I want to say that everything that is needed to become a successful affiliate marketer is available within the wealthy affiliate. The Wealthy Affiliate training program is not only helpful for creating a website but also help to attract traffic.

If you are starting in the field of affiliate marketing, then you need a platform that gives you all kinds of information from the beginning. Since you are starting affiliate marketing, you will need community support from time to time, so you need to choose a platform with good community support.

As I have already said that the Wealthy Affiliate is a community-based training program, so if you are starting an Affiliate Marketing, Wealthy Affiliate may be the best choice for you.

In order to join any affiliate marketing training course, it is very important to have a supportive and positive Minded community in it.

The Wealthy Affiliate Program is designed keeping in mind the Beginners Marketer, Intermediate Affiliate Marker and experts. If you are starting Affiliate Marketing or you know a little bit about Affiliate Marketing and want to know more, then Wealthy Affiliate training program is a perfect fit for you.

If you have many years of experience in the field of online marketing, then this program is very beneficial for you. Because with the help of training courses and website tools provided in it, you can reach your online business to a new height. That is why I want to tell experienced online marketing people that you join this program and expand your business.

We will discuss some more issues that you need to know.

1. Are you ready to give your time and hard work according to wealthy affiliate?

For your information, let us know that the Wealthy Affiliate program never promises to make you rich overnight. If you can devote your time and your strength according to the methods mentioned in the Wealthy Affiliate Training Program, then only you join this program. If you do not do this, you will only get frustrated.

2.can you afford it?

The most important for you is whether or not you can pay the fee charged by Wealthy affiliate. You can get the Wealthy Affiliate premium membership by paying $ 49. Since Wealthy Affiliate has all the training programs and website tools that are very essential for an online successful business, I can say that t $ 49 fees are nothing.

If you are not in a position to take premium membership now, then you can use the limited training program and tools by taking free membership and you can go to premium membership if needed.

I recommend you to join any affiliate marketing training program for free in the beginning. If you feel that this program is right for you, then you can take premium membership.

The brief description of what I have told you so far is that the wealthy affiliate is not only made for the beginner affiliate marketer but it is also made for the experienced affiliate marketer. If you do not have the ability to take premium memberships, then you can also avail some tools and training by taking free memberships. The premium membership fee of Wealth Affiliate is nothing compared to other affiliate marketing training courses present in the market. If you also take premium membership then you will not suffer any loss. And one important thing is that if you want to earn money from wealth affiliate then you have to work hard and earnestly. The Wealthy Affiliate training program is the key to success for earning money online.

Now we will discuss further features of the Wealthy Affiliate.

What you Get Inside in Wealthy Affiliate:

As we have already told you that all types of training courses and website tools are available within the Wealthy Affiliate Program to become a successful online affiliate marketer.

We will now discuss all the courses and website tools available in the Wealthy Affiliate.

Training Courses:

There are two types of training programs inside the Wealthy Affiliate, the first 0nline entrepreneur certificate program and the second Affiliate Bootcamp Program.

The first program gives you information on how you can build a successful online business. The main ones in this are how to choose the topic of your choice, how to create a website on the topic of your choice, how to bring traffic to your website and how to convert this traffic into a customer.

The Affiliate Boot Camp Training Program gives you information on how to promote the Wealthy Affiliate Program and how to make money from the Wealthy Affiliate Program. Because Wealthy Affiliate pays 50% commission on selling its program. Therefore, you can easily earn money by promoting wealth affiliate. All step by step process to promote wealthy affiliate is given in the affiliate boot camp training program.

0nline entrepreneur certificate program:

The first program has 5 levels and each level is divided into 10 courses. In this way, you are provided with 50 types of courses. In these courses, along with video training, training is also given in the written text. Courses have been made available in video and text so that there is no problem in understanding you. We have given below the list of All level available in the program.

  • Phase 1 – Getting started with online marketing
  • Phase 2 – Creating a website from scratch
  • Phase 3 – Understand the Money in online business.
  • Phase 4 – Branding and social media marketing
  • Phase 5 – Achieve maximum success through content creation

1-Getting started with online marketing

    • Create your money goals
    • Choose your niche
    • Build your website
    • Make your site SEO-friendly
    • Create engaging website content
    • Set up your site’s menus
    • Understand the  keywords List Element

 2-Creating a website from scratch

  • Your Domain Name is Your Brand -Pick and purchase a brandable domain name
  • Transfer your site to your new domain name
  • Set up your domain-specific email account.
  • Make post more appealing with a relevant image.
  • Power of Longtail Keyword.
  • Make Visual Identity.
  • Amplifying your productivity.

3-Understand the Money in online business.

  • Understand the “customer purchase lifecycle”
  • Understanding Affiliate Programs & Networks.
  • Choose the relevant Affiliate offer
  • Add affiliate links to your pages
  • Learn to leverage the power of product reviews
  • How to display Google Ads and make money.
  • Earning Pennies OR Dollars?

4 – Branding and social media marketing

  • Use Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to increase traffic.
  • Managing your website a place to engage.
  • Use Facebook in the right way.
  • Power of Visual Social Media.
  • Twiter power in affiliate marketing.
  • Learn to use the WA social community
  • You can not be a master of everything.

5 – Achieve maximum success through content creation

  • Write converting content.
  • Generate revenue from traffic.
  • Write for people not for search engine.
  • How to increase conversion to make more sale.
  • Key to success online.
  • Enhancing content readability through design
  • Writing within a devised plan
  • Writing your content with conversion intent
  • Power of bing and yahoo.
  • Make a Long term plan.

Affiliate boot camp training:

The purpose of this program is to encourage you to promote wealthy affiliate. In this program, you will learn how to promote wealthy affiliate which is helpful in earning money online. There are 7 levels in this program and each level is divided into 10 courses. Thus, there are 70 courses in total. The main points of the course are how to write a product review and how to become a master in PPC. We are giving the information of the major courses below.

Below are all 7 levels of the Affiliate Bootcamp Training Program :

  • Phase 1- Getting Your Business Rolling
  • Phase 2 – All about Content, Keywords and Conversions.
  • Phase 3 – All about Giving Your Site Social Value.
  • Phase 4 – Get Visual. Get Aesthetic.
  • Phase 5 – Knowing Your Audiences & Catapulting Your Referrals.
  • Phase 6 – Bing, Yahoo, & The Power of PPC.
  • Phase 7 – How to Scale Successful PPC Campaigns.


Apart from this, live webinar training is given once a week. This training is provided by qualified and successful members of the Wealthy Affiliate. But this facility is only available for premium members.

Pros and Cons of Wealthy Affiliate Training Courses:


  1. A person without technical knowledge can also learn easily from video training and written text training.
  2. The above training program is very helpful for setting up an online business.
  3. The training course is very easy to learn and understand.
  4. Both training programs are available not only for paid members but also for free members.
  5. These courses provide accurate information from basic to advanced to create a successful business.
  6. the training course has been made in both video and text versions.
  7. because this training is also available to the free member, so you can decide about taking premium membership based on the quality of the training course.
  8. by completing the training course, you can also decide whether this program is perfect for you or not.


  1.  In Affiliate Boot Camp, information is given to promote only the Wealth Affiliate Program.
  2. Only 50% commission is available on one referral approximately $ 24
  3.  all members are writing a review of the Wealthy Affiliate
  4. Live Webinar classes available only to premium members
  5.  The training course does not provide the magic bullet to become rich overnight, rather it teaches us how to build a successful online business by working hard and giving time.
  6.  do not just memorize training courses but also use them.

Website hosting solution:

Since Wealthy Affiliate provides all the tools and training to run an online business on one platform, you will not have to go anywhere else to host your website.

The wealthy affiliate provides a very powerful and best web-building & hosting tool called Site Rubix.

SiteRubix website building tools and web hosting platform is ​​associated with WordPress web hosting. Through this platform, you can easily create a beautiful and professional looking website without any technical knowledge. There are no coding is required to make a website on siterubix platform.

To make your website good look and professional, you can use almost two thousand themes present in this platform for free.

Because I am a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate, I am using this platform. And I find this platform very powerful and accurate. You can easily create a running website without any programming.

There is also an option of domain registration service on this platform. You can register your preferred domain using this service.

On the Site Rubix platform, you can make a website in two ways, first, you can create a website on your domain name, for example, if you want to create a website to your own domain name then first purchase a domain and host on to the siterubix hosting platform your website name will look like this yourdomain.com and second, you can create a website on siterubix.com subdomain name, for example if you want to create a website on siterubix.com subdomain then just choose a subdomain name and create your website free your website name will look like this subdomainname.siterubix.com.

It is not necessary that you can only host domains which registered on the SiteRubix platform in the Wealthy affiliate, but if you already have a domain, you can host it on the siteRubix hosting platform.

The Site Rubix platform allows you to host 10 websites. Do you know that if you host 10 websites on another hosting platform, then you will have to pay it yearly, but along with training and tools within the Wealthy Affiliate, you are given free web hosting facility.

The SiteRubix platform provides backups to your website every day. SiteRubix’s web hosting system is very secure and provides better speed to your website. Along with this, the SSL certificate is also given to your website, which is very important to rank in google.

The siteRubix platform provides you with all the facilities to run your website, so you will not have to go anywhere from your domain registration to hosting the website.

Pros and Cons of Website Hosting & Website Builder Tool.


  1. You can host 10 websites on wealthy affiliate hosting platform.
  2. Also, you can host 10 websites on the subdomain of siterubix.com.
  3. There is no separate fee for web hosting, this facility comes within the premium membership.
  4.  Siterubix is a very powerful and secure web hosting platform integrated with WordPress
  5. You can easily create a professional-looking website without any programming code.
  6. SSL certificate facility is given for free
  7. There are all kinds of solutions on this platform, from creating the website to running the website.
  8. You can monitor all your websites within a single dashboard.
  9. It provides daily backup to your website.


  1. if you do not know programming, then you only have to choose one theme for your website from three thousand website themes.
  2. If you have to host more than 10 websites, then you have to get a separate hosting plan.


Market Research Tool:

Market research is very important for any business and market research helps in taking the business forward.

Because you are getting into the field of affiliate marketing, which is a very competitive field, market research becomes very important for you.

In Affiliate Marketing, you need to know what topic your competitor is working on and which keywords he is using for this.

In affiliate marketing, you have to choose your favourite topic and search for related long-tail keywords on this favourite topic so that you can easily rank in Google.

Keyword research is a very important and major factor for achieving success in affiliate marketing.

A keyword research tool has also been provided in the Wealthy affiliate, which Kyle and Carson have developed after many years of hard work. The name of this keyword research tool is Jaaxy, you can take advantage of all the features available in Jaaxy by becoming a premium member.

If you are not in a position to take premium membership then there is nothing to worry about. Because even for free members, within the Wealthy Affiliate, you have been given a keyword research tool called Jaaxi Lite. Which is an important tool for doing keyword research. This tool works like other research tools present in the market. And somewhere it proves to be better than other keywords research tool.

In Jaaxy, you can search for any keyword of your choice. By searching for keywords in this keyword research tool, you get a list of keywords related to your topic. This list identifies all the long-tail keywords related to search keywords. A matrix of all these keywords is given in which the search volume and competition of the keyword are kept.

Along with this, there is another important tool in jaaxy called Site Rank. This tool informs your website rank in search engines like Goole. Jaaxi Site Rank Tool not only shows the rank of your website in Google search engine but also in other search engines like Bing, Yahoo etc. Through Jaaxy, you can get information about which rank your website is in various search engines for a particular keyword.

Because you are an online affiliate marketer, it is very important for you to know for which keyword is your website ranking in the search engine. And for which keyword is your website not ranking in the search engine.

The keyword for which your website is not ranking. You can find the longtail keyword related to that keyword with the help of Jaaxy research tool. The Long Tail keyword will help your post to rank in search engines.

To generate revenue in affiliate marketing, it is very important for your website to rank for any keyword related to your topic.

Jaaxi keyword research tool proves very useful for ranking your website in search engine.

How Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool Works.

When you enter a keyword in Jaaxy he gives the following data from which you can understand that wich long-tail keyword is low competition keyword and rank in search engine easily.

1. Enter a keyword in given box.for example we are searching about the keyword weight loss here. After clicking on find keyword button you will see the list of long-tail keyword with “lose weight” keyword. Jaaxy keyword generates the list of long-tail keyword with average monthly search , traffic, QSR, KQI, SEO and domain availability of that long-tail keyword.

Wealthy Affiliate Review [Scam/Legit].Best Affiliate Marketing Training Course.

2.Average Search Volume: In this, You will see the average monthly search of the particular keyword. Jaaxy fetches data from all the search engine and generates the average search volume for a particular keyword. We can see here the monthly searches for “lose weight” are 812599 .

3.Traffic: In this row below traffic hading you will see the traffic which came to your site. The Jaxxy keyword research tool shows how much traffic you will get while ranking between 1-5 in search engine from that particular keyword. for example, if your post rank in the second position in all the search engine for “lose weight” keyword then you will get 138142 traffic per month on your website from “lose weight” keyword.

4.QSR: The full form of QSR is Quoted  Search Results. It shows the Number of competitive website rank in Google for the exact keyword. For example, If we see in the following picture that QSR for “lose weight” are 251 it means there are 251 websites which are indexed in google for “lose weight” quoted search.

5.KQI: The full form of KQI is Keyword Quality Indicator. There are three types of KQI first Red second Yellow and third is Green. In terms of keyword, quality red is poor, yellow is ok and green is great. You are seeing in the following picture that for “lose weight” it is red, for “how many calories should I eat to lose weight” it is yellow and for the keyword “how many calories do I need to lose weight” it is green. It means if you will write an article on “how many calories do I need to lose weight” you will rank easily rather than writing on “lose weight” or”how many calories should I eat to lose weight”.

6.SEO: Search Engine Optimisation.A score based on traffic and competition the higher the score the more likely you will rank for this keyword on the first page. It Scales any keywords between 1-100 and higher rank is better.

7.Domain: You can find the availability of the domain for that particular keyword.

Pros and Cons Of Jaaxy:


  1. Jaaxy research tool is available for free with the Wealthy Affiliate Membership.
  2. This tool shows the rank of your website in all search engines for a keyword.
  3.  indicates the search volume of the searched keyword.
  4. this tool also gives information about the competition of the keywords.
  5. Creates a list of 30 keywords related to the searched keywords along with search volume and competition.
  6. It is very easy to operate and understand
  7. works better than other keyword research tools in the market
  8. free starter members can also use it for 30 searches free.


  1. You have to pay an extra $49 for full feature access to Jaxxy keyword research tool.


Community Support:

Community Support Wealth is an excellent support platform for the affiliate. Due to the quality of community support present in the Wealth Affiliate, the Wealthy Affiliate is making its mark from other programs present in the market.

The active, helping and supportive in the community of Wealthy Affiliate provides tremendous strength to this platform. More than 1 million people are connected in this community and most of them remain active.

The community wholeheartedly welcomes any new member joining the Wealthy Affiliate and is always on the lookout for any help.

All the people involved in this community are positive minds. And everyone keeps encouraging each other to move forward.

The wealthy affiliate platform is designed in such a way that every member present in it gets 24 hours support and this committee support system makes a huge contribution in this.

This community support system is ready to help you round the clock, and you get an immediate response to any question or query you ask.

Not only the community members but the company’s co-founder Kyle are also ready to help 24 hours. In case of any kind of problem, you can consult direct kyle and your query have been answered given as soon as possible.

There are two types of support available in community support, first, open support and second private support.

In open support, you can ask any type of query or question in the community discussion and any member of the community can answer it.

For private support, If you want to ask a question from a particular community member, then you can ask that member through private message. Your question is answered by that member soon

Not only the members but you can also ask any questions directly to the company’s co-founder Kyle with the help of private messages.

The community support system is so powerful and fast that you can get a reply to any query you raise in minutes. community Support Area is a great platform to solve your problem.

Wealthy affiliate members keep posting blogs on this platform every day. In these posts, they tell about there journey in Wealthy Affiliate. They tell about their profit through the wealthy affiliate and also keep their success story on this platform. Such blog posts encourage us to move forward and instil in us the spirit of vigour and hard work.

In addition to the above blog post, Training is also provided by the members. Which are beneficial for you to perform better in online business. These blog post and training arouse enthusiasm within the new members and encourage them to move forward.

Wealthy Affiliate’s community support system plays a very important role to make any beginner successful in the affiliate marketing business.

How much it cost to join the wealthy affiliate:

I have told you about all the feature tools and services of the Wealthy Affiliate above. And it has also been told that you can join this program for free. But let me clear you here that you will get only a few training and tools in the free membership. If you have to use all the features, tools and services of Wealthy Affiliate, then you have to become a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate. Premium membership fees for the Wealthy Affiliate are only $ 49/month.

I want to give you an advice here that first you join the free membership of the Wealthy Affiliate and use all the tools and services you are getting in the free membership. If you think these are useful for you, then you can upgrade to premium membership to grow your online business.

After joining the membership for free, first, you have to see whether the tools and services you are getting in the Wealthy affiliate are helping you. Because on the basis of all these, you have to take a decision to upgrade the premium membership. I am saying this because the premium membership fees will be charged to you monthly by $ 49.

So before joining Premium Membership, you should think well whether you will be able to pay it monthly and you also have to think that if you are paying for the month at $ 49, will you be able to give your time to the Wealthy Affiliate. If the answer to all these questions is yes, then you can join the premium membership of the Wealthy Affiliate without any hesitation to build a successful online business.

Let me tell you one that I am a member of wealthy affiliate since 2016 and I think the fees $ ४ ९ / month is worthy for this program. The 10 website hosting facilities and keyword research tools given in the Wealth Affiliate Program seems to be worth more than $ 49. You are getting Other things like affiliate marketing training, website builder tool, community support etc. for free.

Website hosting and keyword research tools are two very important solutions for running and growing an affiliate marketing online business successfully, and both of which you are getting for only $ 49/month. Apart from this, you are also provided with a lot of Tools and many Services by Wealthy Affiliate.

In front of affiliate marketing training, community support, website hosting solutions, keyword research tools, website builder tools etc. I don’t think $ 49 / month is much for this program.

As I have told you above, what are the tools and services you will get by taking premium membership of Wealthy Affiliate. But here too I give you a small summary so that you can compare that $ 49 is very little for the Wealthy Affiliate Program.

  • Live Help – Unlimited
  • Private Messaging – Unlimited
  • 20 Websites
  • Website Security Package
  • Website Backup
  • Beginner Training Course – Full Access
  • Personal Affiliate Blog
  • Affiliate Bootcamp Training – All Phases (7)
  • Live Video Classes
  • Video Walk-Throughs
  • Keyword Research Tool – Unlimited Searches
  • Training Classrooms – 2
  • Affiliate Program – 2x Higher Payout
  • Earn While You Learn
  • 1-on-1 Coaching – Unlimited
  • Private Access to Webinars
  • 24/7/365 Website Support
  • Website Feedback Platform
  • Website Comment Platform
  • Website Analysis

Does it Realy Work:

I believe that the Wealthy Affiliate Training Program is really working for people as the number of Wealthy Affiliate members is increasing day by day. When I joined in 2016, the number of Wealth Affiliate members was only 1000000 and today after 4 years, the number of Wealth Affiliate Members has increased to over 2000000 in 2020. From this we can guess that the Wealth Affiliate is working, hence the number of its members is increasing.

Wealthy Affiliate provides you with all the tools, training and services to build a successful online affiliate marketing business. And teach you how to attract organic traffic to your website. To make your online business a success, all you have to do is follow the steps mentioned in the training of the Wealthy Affiliate honestly.

If you are working according to the methods mentioned in the Wealthy Affiliate, then I can say with the claim that this program will also work for you. But if you do not work according to its methods, then it may not work for you and you will be disappointed.

If you are following the rules laid down by the Wealthy Affiliate with all hard work and honesty, then I can say with a claim that you can build a successful online business within a few months.

Successful members of the Wealthy Affiliate program keep posting their success stories day by day, which you can read to know if the Wealth Affiliate Program works or not. I cannot tell the success stories of all the wealth affiliate members, but I am sharing the success stories of some members below which you will understand by reading that the wealth affiliate works.

Apart from this, there are many members for whom the Wealthy affiliate is working. I want to tell the new members who are joining the Wealthy Affiliate, that this program is working for most of the members because they are following the stated rules of Wealthy Flats with hard work and honesty. Before joining the premium membership in the Wealth Affiliate Program, let me clear one thing to you to decide whether it is a perfect fit for you or not.

Can Anybody Make Money with Wealthy Affiliate?

A special feature of the Wealthy Affiliate Training Program is that this affiliate marketing training program is designed for all people. Not only the beginners but also the experts can take full advantage of its training. You do not need any kind of technical knowledge to complete this affiliate marketing training course. This is a very easy, quick to understand and easy to follow an affiliate marketing training course.

definitely you can earn money from the Wealthy Affiliate but the condition is that you have to follow all the rules mentioned in the Wealth Affiliate Marketing Training Course with honesty.

I am not saying here with my mind that you can earn money from the Wellthy affiliate. I am saying this because the members of Wealthy Affiliate are making very good money by using wealthy affiliate marketing training program by building an online business in their favourite topics. Below, I will tell you the story of some members who are earning good money from Wealthy Affiliate.

If you also want to earn money from a wealthy affiliate. So first you have to do the training well and carefully, after that you will have to follow the rules mentioned in the training. If you follow the steps mentioned in the training, then within 12 to 20 weeks you will start getting results.

Wealthy Affiliate Advantages :

Wealthy Affiliate is a community-based affiliate marketing training course. This community is very beneficial for the online business as the active and helping community of wealthy affiliate is always ready to support and help new member. The Wealthy Affiliate community member helps you move forward with personal support and you never feel that you are going on this journey alone.

All types of tools and services are available in the Wealthy Affiliate platform to run an affiliate marketing business smoothly. You get all the things on one platform to grow your online business. To run an online business, prominently website building tools, website making knowledge, attracting traffic and hosting a website are very important. And you get all these services at one place and apart from this, you get many services and tools which are necessary to make your business successful.

Wealthy Affiliate’s Affiliate Marketing Training Course is excellent, with the help of this, anyone can create their own website and not only that they also get knowledge of how to attract traffic with the help of these training. In the Wealthy Affiliate, you learn to attract both types of traffic, the first is organic traffic and the second is paid traffic.

Some people are shy in nature and feel uncomfortable to keep their problem among the people. Keeping all these things in mind, the private message support system has also been created in the Wealth Affiliate, under which you can take the support of any community member through private messages. If you face any problem during training or while creating your website and you do not want to keep this thing openly among the community members, then you can get the solution of your problems by direct private message to any community members. You can also talk directly founder of the company Kyle through private message.

Entire Interface of the wealthy affiliate is easy to use and user-friendly .you can use easily understand the working procedure of wealthy affiliate dashboard. The affiliate marketing training course is very easy to learn and easy to use. The training program is designed in such a way that everyone can understand it easily. The combination of video and text increases the quality of affiliate marketing training. Along with creating a website, training on SEO is also given.

Once you join this program, you do not need any separate tools and service. Within the Wealthy Affiliate platform, you get all the tools and services available, from building a website to running smoothly. On SiteRubix website platform, you get all kinds of tools and services for domain registration, website creation and website hosting in one place.

The main purpose of Wealthy Affiliate is to give knowledge about affiliate marketing to more and more people with the help of Affiliate Marketing Training Course. Therefore, the option of free membership has been given in the Wealthy Affiliate platform. Free membership is suitable and very beneficial for any beginner affiliate marketer. Any person can avail the affiliate marketing training given in the Wealthy Affiliate by taking a free membership. No credit card is required to join the free membership of wealthy affiliate.

No facts about free or premium membership have been hidden. Before joining, what training, tools and services you will get in the free membership is told to you. The fee for Premium Membership is $ ४ ९ / month and apart from this, there are no hidden charges. It means by paying only $ 49 / month, you can use all the training courses, tools and services available in the Wealth Affiliate. Because of such a clean image, I say that wealthy affiliate is not a scam it is 100% legit.

Premium membership fees have been made very economical so that this affiliate training course can help more and more people.

Wealthy Affiliate Program does not show you the dream of making Amir overnight, but wealthy affiliate teaches you step by step process to earn money through affiliate marketing. You will become rich within such a time limit. The wealthy affiliate does not make any such false promises. Wealthy Affiliate is the only promise that if you faithfully follow its stated methods, then you can become a successful affiliate marketer.


We learned about the Wealthy Affiliate in the Wealthy Affiliate Review above and also discussed the negative and positive aspects of the Wealthy Affiliate. After all these discussions, it comes to the conclusion that Wealthy affiliate is the best affiliate marketing course in the industry. Although the Wealth Affiliate course is designed with beginners and experts in mind, it is an unprecedented affiliate marketing training course for beginners.

To become a successful affiliate marketer, there is a need for better affiliate marketing training and to apply that training. In the Wealth affiliate platform, you are taught all the tricks to become a successful affiliate marketer and at the same time, you are also taught that when and how to use this knowledge.

Wealthy Affiliate never advises you to use the wrong technique to grow your business fast. The main focus of the Wealthy Affiliate has always been on building a long term online business there in training teaches you how to earn lifetime passive income by becoming a successful online affiliate marketer.

There is one more thing to know that this course is the best affiliate marketing course. That is, you can also join this program for free and if you like you can upgrade to premium membership. Wealthy Affiliate does not ask for any credit card information to join the free membership. Wealthy Affiliate believes its course is a Best Affiliate Marketing course so most people will like it and they will automatically join the premium membership.

If you are you looking for an affiliate marketing course with all affiliate marketing tool, services and training So your wait are over now.

Now start your journey to become a successful affiliate marketer with a wealthy affiliate. Click here to join the wealthy affiliate free. Upgrade premium within 7 days and get a first-month fee at discounted price only on $19.


20 Comments on “Wealthy Affiliate Review [SCAM/LEGIT].Best Affiliate Marketing Training Course.”

  1. I got to know about Wealthy Affiliate by some friends when they realized that I have been scammed several times by some online business that seems to pay quicker. When they told me about Wealthy Affiliate, I was I have had enough of scam and then explained to me that it’s legit , that the platform takes beginners on a training course which will enable them become a great earner on the platform. Ever since I started this program, I can see that it is really real and not a scam.

    1. Hi Maureen, As like you a friend of mine introduces me wealthy affiliate. I joined and was amazing that it is a very wonderful platform for beginners who want to learn and earn from affiliate marketing. Wealthy affiliate is not a magic bullet to earn online money It is an affiliate marketing course who teaches the fundamental and advance technique of affiliate marketing. Wealthy Affiliate is not a scam it is the best affiliate marketing program in this industry. I need to write the wealthy affiliate review when I read some wealthy affiliate negative review. I want to tell the affiliate marketing beginners that join this course because the wealthy affiliate is a legit program and don’t disappoint with wealthy affiliate negative review.

  2. Thank you for the review here about wealthy affiliate and I can say this makes do much sense tp see here I really like how you have given the overview and breakdown the course too. I feel this is the best for anyone planning to get started with affiliate marketing. Thumbs up to you and well worthy information you have here. Thanks

    1. Thank you Darmi for liking my wealthy affiliate review. I am a member of wealthy affiliate since 2016 and I learn lots about affiliate marketing with the help of wealthy affiliate – affiliate marketing training course. It is a very good program for making passive and secure income.

  3. Wealthy affiliate is a very wonderful platfrom that is worth giving a try to make legitimate money a

    online and seeing that you can mention a number of things concerning it is really nice and I am sure that many people would like to join to see how it works. Personally I endorse wealthy affiliate to everybody who wants to make money online

    1. Thank you, Jackie, for giving your time to commenting on my post. You are right that wealthy affiliate is a best affiliate marketing program for making legitimate income.Affilaite marketing training course of wealthy affiliate is awesome. Because of easy to understand anybody can learn affiliate marketing through this course. Most of the people are searching for the best affiliate marketing course on the internet So I write wealthy affiliate review here for the seeker of affiliate marketing training course.

  4. Hello there! This is a very interesting and well detailed review on wealthy affiliate. Wealthy affiliate program is indeed the best affiliate marketing platform. It’s not a scam, it’s very legit. Asides from it been very lucrative, it’s also a good place to learn. They organize quality training that is given to the members on the platform. For a starter payment of 19$ and renewal of 49$, it’s a really good platform. Your review is absolutely right and I agree with you. I’ll share with those who do not believe in the platform. 

    1. Thank you, Sophie, for your appreciation. I visit some site who are writing wealthy affiliate negative review after reading the negative review I realize to give the right information about wealthy affiliate and I write wealthy affiliate review which contains all the pros and cons of wealthy affiliate. I want to tell the beginners (who want to start the business with affiliate marketing) that wealthy affiliate is the best affiliate marketing training program in the industry. Don’t afraid with wealthy affiliate negative review and join the wealthy affiliate. Wealthy affiliate is the 100% legit platform for the affiliate marketer of all levels.

  5. It hurts me when I read a comment on some forums that classifies Wealthy Affiliate as scam. Now lemme ask. If it’s a scam, how can they still be functioning since its inception in 2005? Why would members that have spent years on the platform and still are currently be on a scam platform? Including me. 

    Well, I came to conclude that those folks are the ones that comes into the platform with the get-rich-quick mentality. They taught they could easily start making money the following week they joined. No wonder they get scammed easily.

    Affiliate marketing takes time and effort because it’s a real business we’re building just like any other physical business. The reason why it takes time is because you will need to learn how to build a website, learn the art of content writing, be patient enough and wait for google ranking and all that. 

    Now this is what Wealthy Affiliate teach and it’s what scares a lot of people. That’s why they say the platform is a scam. So pathetic. These group of individuals will never ever get any type of business online. They will be the ones going back and forth in search of a miracle system that will make them rich over night. Well, I hope people will get to understand the concept of what it takes to build a business online and respect the Internet.

  6. Reviews about popular online business platforms are very much needed, and you have just provided that need by writing a review on the popular Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate is a great online platform and has a very huge number of members who are willing to help you grow your business. Also there are lots of courses to learn, whether you want to register as a starter or premium member. But the premium membership has all there is Wealthy Affiliate had to offer. The courses and training at Wealthy Affiliate are very helpful and will enhance one’s capability to make it online.

  7. Hello there thanks for sharing your thoughts on this platform. There are a lots of affiliate platforms that you can use in building or developing your business but amongst all Wealthy Affiliate has always proven to be the best. I never believed this until I joined the platform. There are so many opportunities I’ve come to have since joining WA and I’ve never for once regretted it.

  8. Many platforms are out there with the program of wanting to train people to do better as an affiliate and so we have to read reviews about them so we don’t get involved with any that has some really poor program. Wealthy affiliate has been one platform that has a well organised program and with so many ways to help people grow and it’s nice. Making use of video training is very nice. 

    1. Thanks Reece Michael .You are right that wealthy affiliate has been one platform that has a well-organised program .

  9. After reading this WA review, there is no reason for one to go anywhere else looking to learn more other than joining, for you have detailed this review in everyway and very comprehensive for readers, As for WA, you do have that correct too, it’s certainly the place for training and being successful in a legit place online, we often seems to pass the right place and go for the shinny object that always eventually ran us into problems Thank you much for this

  10. This was a thorough review of Wealthy Affiliate. Your review was easy to understand with lots of details. You made sure that your visitors get all the details before deciding to join. I, myself, is a premium member with W.A. I can’t see how anyone can not succeed with this easy to understand platform as one can build their business from ground up without failing. The community is a big part of the solution. You’ll never feel stuck. The only time you’ll fail is if you don’t do anything. Thanks for a great review on W.A.

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