Wealthy Affiliate Scam 2020.Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth It ?

wealthy affilaite scam

Friends, today we are again present with a new post named Wealthy Affiliate Scam. Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth It? This means Whether or not we will benefit by that value. which charged by the wealthy affiliate program.

Is Wealthy Affiliate a scam.

We are telling you very clearly that the Wealth Affiliate Program is not a magic wand that will make you rich overnight. It provides you with the tools and training to create an online business and promises you all possible help to earn online.

If you think that you will start earning money as soon as you join the wealthy affiliate, then it is wrong. Wealthy Affiliate will give you complete information about earning money online, but to make money you have to give your time and effort.

If you think that this program will make you rich overnight, then I request you not to join this program.

If you can give your precious time and hard work in this program, then this program is made for you only. With the help of this program, you can easily earn money.

As you are entering the field of affiliate marketing. So let me tell you here that like any other business, affiliate marketing also takes time and effort.

In nutshell wealthy affiliate is not a scam.

if you are a beginner and looking for an affiliate marketing training program and if you can give some dedication and effort then the wealthy affiliate is a perfect fit for you.

*First month premium for only $19

Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth It?

Before discussing the Worth of Wealth Affiliate, let us tell you that we can assess the worth of any product or service in three ways. I will give you this example below.

Suppose you are a math student and you need a math teacher for personal education and you can only pay $ 49 every month. Now I will tell you below how you will know whether you are getting the same benefit of fees that you are paying or not.

I searched a lot and a teacher promised to read me for $ ४ ९. I told my teacher how you will teach me. The teacher replied that I will study you with hard work and will not let any complaint come. I studied the teacher for a month but I was not satisfied. I thought I paid too much fee.

Now I ask people and take reference and keep a new teacher for study at $49 monthly. He promises to teach me very well. I study with them. This teacher has taught me well, has answered all my questions and has explained to me very well, so I thought that yes my money has been recovered and this teacher is very good. Now I am satisfied with this teacher.

A few days later a friend of mine told me that there is a very good teacher who charges $ 49 a month but reads very well and answers all queries and will make you perfect in Math. I said that I already have a teacher and I cannot give $ 49 again. My friend says that this teacher reads free for 7 days, if you like it, you can study further. I thought let’s try it too.

He Teaches me well, answers all my questions, moreover gives me extra benefit all the time it helps me anytime I call him on the phone. He answers my questions. That means to read tuition Apart from time, he gives me time and supposes 24 hours helps me. I felt that this is the perfect teacher who is giving me what I want for $ 49 and also giving me extras, so I will say I am very happy and I am very happy that I will never leave the teacher.


I have given three examples Here that of how to know the worth of a product or service and I hope you understand. And I can promise you and say with a claim that the Wealth Affiliate is the third example above.

In the Wealthy Affiliate, you will get basic training as well as advance training, which will not get any other program for so little money. If you feel that my claim is false, then you can join the Wealthy Affiliate for free and try it and there is no fee to join it. Join it comfortably, join it for free and see if you are getting what you want. And I claim that you will get more from this program than you need for $ 49.

*First month premium for only $19


What Will You Get in $49:

Since we have to pay $49 every month for a premium membership, we need to know that the cost of the tools and service available in this program can be $49. Some training and tools are as follow.

1.Training Program :

2.Website Builder Tools

3.Website Hosting Platform

4.marketing Research Tool

5.Live Webinar Training Classes

6. Live Chat Area

7. Live Help Centre.

8. Community Support

here is the look of starter membership and premium membership:

1.Training Program :

there are two types of the training program in wealthy affiliate.

A.Online Entrepreneur Certification

B.Affiliate Bootcamp

A. Online Entrepreneur Certification:

this program consist of 5 courses and each course is divided into 10 lessons. You will get 50 lessons in this training program.5 courses are as follow.

Wealthy Affiliate Scam.Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth It ?

1. Online Entrepreneur Certification – Getting Started: In this lesson, you will learn about affiliate marketing and basic knowledge about the website.

2. Building Your Own Traffic Producing Website: A to z of making a beautiful and professional-looking website and concept to generate unique traffic.

3. Making Money: You created a website and wrote the perfect blog. With the help of wealth affiliate training, traffic has started coming to your website, but if you are not able to make money from this traffic then the purpose of creating a website is not fulfilled. In this lesson, you will find many ways to earn money through your website and how to turn traffic into revenue.

4.Mastering in Social Engagement: It is very important to be social to make any website famous and to increase engagement. In this lesson, you will be informed about all kinds of social aspects like social media, social marketing, social networks etc.

5. Achieving Maximum Success Through Content Creation: In this lesson, you will be learned about content marketing. The content of any website is the life of that website. Good content not only increases the engagement in the website but also converts traffic into revenue.

B.Affiliate Bootcamp:

this program consist of 7 courses and each course is divided into 10 lessons. You will get 70 lessons in this training program. Some features of this training program as follow.

Wealthy Affiliate Scam.Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth It ?

In this training program, you are given information about how to promote your website on social media.
Apart from this, the training is also given information about how to promote your website on the paid PPC platform.

Prominence In this lesson, information is given how to promote the Wealthy Affiliate program. Along with this, it has also been told how you can earn money by promoting Wealthy Affiliate.


2.Website Builder Tools:

Wealthy Affiliate Scam.Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth It ?

You will get the Site Rubix website builder tool inside Wealthy Affiliate program. With the help of this tool, you can easily create a professional-looking website without any programming. With the help of this tool, you can monitor all your live websites from one place.

3.Website Hosting Platform:

Wealthy Affiliate provides a very powerful and perfect website hosting platform. Wealthy Affiliate provides a very secure and high-speed website hosting platform. You can host up to 10 websites in this platform. There is no separate fee for this hosting platform, it is available free with the Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership.

You must also know that if you take any other platform to host 10 different websites, then you will have to pay a fee of $ 100 every month.

But in Wealth Affiliate you get 10 websites hosting for free.

4.market Research Tool:

Wealthy Affiliate provides a very advance market keyword research tool named Jaaxy. With the help of this keyword tool, you can easily find out the volume and competition of any keyword within a minute.

Wealthy Affiliate Scam.Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth It ?

Any affiliate marketer needs to know better about keywords. Because low competition keyword can be easily ranked while the high competition keyword is very difficult to rank.

Jaaxy keyword research tool is an advanced tool so it gives perfect information about the competition of every keyword.

There is no separate fee for Jaaxy keyword research tool, it is available free with the Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership.

If you take a keyword tool separately, you will have to pay at least $ 90 every month. While the Jaaxy market keyword research tool comes free with the Wealth Affiliate.


5.Live Webinar Training Classes:

In addition to the training mentioned above, another training is provided once a week through live webinars at Wealth Affiliate.

This Live Webinar training is provided by experts and successful members of the Wealthy Affiliate.

6. Live Chat Area:

In case of any difficulty in understanding the course, you can get the solution to the problem immediately in the live chat area. You can any query and concern in this chat area.

7. Live Help Centre:

24 hours technical support is available in the Wealthy Affiliate platform.If there is any technical problem in running the website, then you can easily put your problem in this area. Your problem is resolved soon.

Wealthy Affiliate Scam.Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth It ?

8.Community Support:

There are more than 1 million members in the Wealthy Affiliate and Wealthy affiliate has most active members than other affiliate programs.

The members of the wealthy affiliate are very helpful and positive minded. They always encourage you to move forward.

You can ask any question and any query in the community area. You won’t believe it but within minutes you will start getting suggestions or answer.


As you saw above that you are getting so many things in the wealthy affiliate program only in $49 per month.

Now I think you must have understood that the monthly fees ($49) of the Wealthy Affiliate Program is not much.

But now I will tell you some other thing who will justify the worth of the wealthy affiliate program.


More than 1 million people are connected with the Wealthy Fife. As the wealthy affiliate is a money-making educational program. That’s why so many people are attached to it and are earning money too. The number of new members of the Wealthy affiliate is increasing every day.

If this program is not worth, then why the number of members increasing? This clearly means that the wealthy affiliate is worth it.

I want to tell you that if you want to experience the Wealth Affiliate Program, you can join it for free.

Come on, once I agreed to you, joined it and also paid the monthly $ 49 fee. But after doing all this, I do not understand anything in training, what will I do? Will my money be lost.

In response to this, I would say that more than 1 million people are connected with the Wealth Affiliate and initially all were clumsy. No one had even the slightest understanding of affiliate marketing. But today everyone is perfect with the help of proper training.

there is the most active community in the wealthy affiliate and is ready to help others 24 hours. Apart from this, Kyle and Carson Co-founder of this company are also available 24 hours for help.

In case of any kind of problem, you can contact direct Kyle. If you can put any kind of question in the community discussion, then you will get the answer immediately. If you want to talk to a particular person, then you can send a private message to him.

How should I do that? How to make your website? My website is not running. How to increase traffic on your website? How to make money from the website? Any type of question and query you can ask.

All the community members will help you to make you a successful online business. Because 10 lakh community members want everyone to grow and earn money and make a name in online business.

Wealthy Affiliate Scam.Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth It ?

Above is the example of how community act on your question or query. You can see that I got a lot of replies to my questions.

Can  I Earn Money From Wealthy Affiliate:

Let it all be said that what training and tools will be available in this, how many help will be there, but now after that, there is another question that I can earn money from the wealthy affiliate program.

I am taking so much training, using all its tools, I have created a website, but how will I earn money?

This is the perfect question if I spend $ 49 monthly only for studies and get information that how to build a website, then there is no use. there should be some income, only then there will some benefit of getting training and building a website.

I can tell you here that in the affiliate boot camp training program, full information is given about how you can earn money from your website.

Let me inform you that Wealthy Affiliate pays 50% commission for referring his program.

Below you can see the commission structure of wealthy affiliate referral program.

Wealthy Affiliate Scam.Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth It ?

If you refer this program to your friend and it becomes a premium member then you will get about $ 23.5 in commission. You will receive this $ 23.5 commission every month.

If your 10 referrals have joined the Premium Membership, then you will receive $ 235 per month commission. With only 10 premium members, you can earn $ 2820 in a year.

You can earn $ 2820 even in a month, but you have to work hard and give time for it.

Below we are showing how you will get commission information on your dashboard.

Wealthy Affiliate Scam.Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth It ?



Wealthy affiliate is a very good program for who are bringing in the field of affiliate marketing and it also fit for the person who has some basic knowledge of affiliate marketing.

Wealthy Affiliate gives you all training and tools which are essential for making a professional-looking running website like training, website building tools, website hosting etc.

If you are an expert in affiliate marketing, then you do not need training but all the value is recovered from its website hosting plan, website builder tools and keyword research tools.

In short, we can say that wealthy affiliate is not a scam and wealthy affiliate worth the price.



I have given you a lot of information about the Wealthy Affiliate by now and I think your doubt may have gone away.

If you are not able to pay premium membership fees right now, then you can easily join the Wealthy Affiliate for free.No credit card is required to join the Wealthy Affiliate for free.

*First month premium for only $19







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