What is Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp Review 2020.

wealthy affiliate bootcamp review

Welcome friends to my post Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp Review. In this blog, I will give you the full information about wealthy affiliate Bootcamp training course. Some topics of the wealthy affiliate Bootcamp review which I will cover in this post are what is wealthy affiliate Bootcamp, how wealthy affiliate Bootcamp work and how much money you can make through Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp training etc.if yo want to know more about the wealthy affiliate training course you can read my wealthy affiliate review.

Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp Review (Overview):

Training Name: Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp

Creator: Kyle and Carson

Official Website: Wealthyaffiliate.com

What You Learn: How to Promote a Product through PPC

Price: Free With Wealthy Affiliate Training Course

Wealthy Affiliate Review:

Everybody wants to earn more and more money through affiliate marketing, and whoever joins the wealthy affiliate is also aiming for online money.

Everyone wants that they get such a training course in which all the information is given to earn money online and with the help of this training, they can easily earn money online.

People join various courses to achieve success in affiliate marketing, but despite spending a lot of money they do not get the perfect course.

Keeping in mind all the difficulties and troubles of the Affiliate Marketer, the Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp Training Course has been designed.

After getting knowledge through wealthy affiliate Bootcamp training you can easily make money in affiliate marketing.

The biggest feature of this course is that you can earn money through this training in any niche, no matter how much competition is in that niche.

What is Wealthy Affiliate Boot Camp:

Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp training is the best affiliate marketing niche training course related to the promotion of Wealthy Affiliate. There are 7 phases in this training course and each phase is divided into 10 lessons it means you get a total of 70 lessons for promotion of wealthy affiliate platform.

Wealthy affiliate boot camp is a step by step process to build and establish an online website for promoting the wealthy affiliate platform.

Anybody can learn through the training available in boot camp absolutely free. The first phase of the wealthy affiliate boot camp training course comes under the free starter membership. To join wealthy affiliate free membership there is no credit card is required you can join this course free without any hassle and take advantage of wealthy affiliate Bootcamp training.

How Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp Training Works:

As stated above, the main focus of Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp is to turn you into successful paid traffic marketer and promoting wealthy affiliate program by there training. During the 7 phase training of wealthy affiliate Bootcamp, you will learn almost 70 classes, you will learn through 70  classes with video and text content .this training explains to you everything you need to know about promoting the wealthy affiliate program.

The first three phases are dedicated to the basics of affiliate marketing, Content, Keywords and Conversions and Giving Your Site Social Value and how you can set up the PPC Campaign and create landing pages.

In the fourth phase, you will learn about the looking of the website . In this phase, you understand the web design to convert the traffic into revenue.

In the 5th and 6th phase, this training course teaches you how to use the big traffic source like Google Adword, Yahoo and Bing Ad to get the targeted traffic to your landing page.

Later in the final Phase of the wealthy affilaite Bootcamp, you will learn everything you need to know about How to Scale Successful PPC Campaigns and earn a lot of money by promoting a wealthy affiliate training program.


What Training Do You Get Inside Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp course?

Wealthy Affiliate Boot Camp Training has been made keeping in mind to create a website around the make money online niche. The main purpose of this training to promote wealthy affiliate training program. The objective of this training is to make you perfect in the make money online niche. However, in this training, you learn how to promote the wealthy Affiliate training course, but with the help of this training, you can promote any affiliate program. they have been teaching you to promote the Wealthy Affiliate Program only as an example.

The training consists of 7 phases. Each of these phases includes 10 lessons. The 5th lesson in every phase is giving you break. So actually there is only 65 learning lesson in this training course among  70 lessons. You have been given a break in the 5th lesson of each phase so that you can memorise the old lesson by resting. And the break given in the 5th lesson refreshes your brain so that you can study the next lesson with full energy.

what is wealthy affiliate bootcamp review

Each lesson is very easy to learn and easy to use. All the lessons have been made in the video and written text to make it easier to understand. It is very easy to understand the lesson for a beginner by learning through written text as well as video. Every lesson also comes with several tasks for you which you have to complete at the end of the lesson.

The task is very beneficial to understand the full lesson. With the help of the task, the information given in the lesson is executed live. In a way, we can say that the task is the complete practical knowledge of the lesson. The task is the barrier between the two lessons. Only after completing the task, you can go to the next lesson.

Now below we will discuss in detail what you get to learn in wealthy affiliate Bootcamp training.

As we said, there is a total of 7 phases in the Wealthy Affiliate Training. Below is the list of all 7 phases of wealthy affiliate Bootcamp training course.

  • Phase 1- Getting Your Business Rolling
  • Phase 2 – All about Content, Keywords and Conversions.
  • Phase 3 – All about Giving Your Site Social Value.
  • Phase 4 – Get Visual. Get Aesthetic.
  • Phase 5 – Knowing Your Audiences & Catapulting Your Referrals.
  • Phase 6 – Bing, Yahoo, & The Power of PPC.
  • Phase 7 – How to Scale Successful PPC Campaigns.


Phase 1 – Getting your Business Rolling (Included in the free membership) :

Total Lessons: 10
Total Tasks: 30
Brief Overview: This first lesson of this phase giving you the knowledge about how to start an online affiliate marketing business.you will learn initial understanding about building a website, activate your plugins and how to ready your website for SEO etc. As a free starter member, you can create your website free on siterubix platform. If you are a premium member you can host your own domain name in wealthy affiliate hosting platform. This training also introduces you to WordPress.WordPress is a content management system which helps to maintain your website. Along with this, you are also given information about, keyword research and how to found a profitable keyword in your niche. In the last lesson, you will get a lot of knowledge about how to write thoughtful, insightful Reviews for products.

Lessons include the following

  • Getting Started
  • Choosing Your Direction
  • Building Your Website
  • A Website Look Around
  • Activating Your Plugins
  • Getting Your Website Ready For SEO
  • Your Initial Framework Of Content
  • Understanding The Keyword Research Process
  • Creating Thoughtful, Insightful Reviews
  • The Exciting Journey Has Begun

Phase 2 – Content, Keywords and Conversions :

Total Lessons: 10
Total Tasks: 30
Brief Overview: There are 10 lessons and a total of 30 tasks in this phase. In the first lesson of this phase, you will learn about how to Create readable content that converts into money. The main motto of this phase is to give you more and more information about content writing. You will also learn to Build more content through internal linking In this phase. This phase teaches you to write a product review and how to insert the targeted keyword in your review. Understanding keywords & A day of selling is a very important lesson of this phase in this lesson you will learn the importance of keyword and hoe keywords helps in selling a product. You will also learn here that how to share your website product review blog on social media. Learn here the Importance of creating keyword-rich content that helps people and how to offer bonuses in your product review which generate revenue.

Lessons include the following

  • Creating readable content that converts
  • Properly using affiliate links
  • Understanding keywords & A day of selling
  • Creating reviews and using targeted keywords
  • Take a break, catch up
  • Backing up your website
  • Enhancing your website experience
  • Building more content through internal links
  • Write a review and share it
  • Offering bonuses the easy WA

Phase 3 – Giving Your Site Social Value :

Total Lessons: 10
Total Tasks: 29
Brief Overview: In this phase, you are told about social media. By the way, nowadays everyone is using social media. But in this phase, you are given complete information about the power of social media and how to present your website on the social media platform like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter etc. You also learn here that social media is an important tool for affiliates and you can increase your sell by using social media platform. This phase will teach you how to create socially engaging content use and social media for engaging your post and becomes viral in social media. You will learn how to add your website in  Google Analytics and how to use google analytic for increasing the traffic on your site. because the sidebar of your website is very important for making promotion so here you will get a full lesson about creating sidebar and importance of sidebar in the website. you also understand the keyword research and how to Leveraging the Jaxxy affiliate program for generating targeted traffic.

Lessons include the following

  • Making your site social with plugins
  • Making your social profiles brand-friendly
  • How to create socially engaging content
  • Social waste vs productivity
  • Take a social hiatus
  • Power writing gone wild
  • Adding Google Analytics to your site
  • Leveraging the Jaxxy affiliate program
  • Making promotional use of your sidebar
  • Build, build and build

Phase 4 – Get Visual. Get Aesthetic. Get a Brand Through :

Total Lessons: 10
Total Tasks: 26
Brief Overview:

This phase is all about focus on looking at your website nice and professional. I like this phrase very much because with the help of this phase training you can create a very beautiful and professional looking website without any technical knowledge. The main topics of this phase are the introduction to web designing. This phase teaches you about the power of an image. Generally, the new blogger writes a blog and insert any image into the blog. But in this phase, you will learn how to insert a suitable image in the blog because of other than text and image also say a thousand things. Not only images but also you will learn how to use video aid your website. With the help of images and videos you can to build better user experience for your visitors. The Jaxxy Keyword research tool is a very powerful tool for searching long-tail keywords so Here you will also learn how to write a perfect review on Jaxxy keyword research tool for helping others. You also learn here how to use Jaxxy for creating content for Jaxxy review. Apart from this, you are also told about Pinterest, an important social media platform. A separate lesson has been kept in this phase to give full information about Pinterest. In this lesson, you are given information about how to use Pinterest to bring more traffic to your website. In this phase, you are also given information to make your own video.

Lessons include the following

  • Introduction to web design
  • An image says a thousand things
  • Leveraging Wealthy Affiliate videos for…
  • Creating logos and images
  • Give yourself a break
  • Creating an effective Jaxxy review
  • Research Jaxxy keywords, then show and tell
  • Pinning habits leads to Pinterest power
  • Creating your own videos
  • A lesson on the customer perspective

Phase 5 – Knowing Your Audiences & Catapulting Your Referrals :

Total Lessons: 10
Total Tasks: 49
Brief Overview: This phase included 10 lessons and 49 important tasks. The main focus of this phase is how to Understanding your audience. If you understand your audience, then you can easily convert the audience to wealth affiliate referral. You will learn here how to write a comment that converts. We all know that YouTube platform is a very famous platform for videos and many people like to watch videos on YouTube, keeping them all in mind, there are one lesson is only dedicated to making the video, in this lesson you have been taught how to increase traffic through YouTube videos. If you have learned the art of increasing traffic by video, then in a few weeks you can increase the traffic of your website by leaps and bounds.

Lessons include the following

  • Creating content with the intent
  • Getting your comments to convert
  • Video, a huge source of traffic
  • From keywords to live on YouTube
  • A discussion on reviews (and a break)
  • The ultimate referral tool
  • Incorporating your custom sign up forms
  • Helping folks is critical
  • Create a custom video sign up page
  • Creating a 6-week plan of attack

Phase 6 – Bing, Yahoo, & The Power of PPC:

Total Lessons: 10
Total Tasks: 32
Brief Overview: This phase is all about the pay-per-click (PPC) means this phase is totally dedicated to paid advertising through Google AdWords, yahoo and bing Ad. In this phase, you are given complete information about paid advertising. The main purpose of this phase is to explain how you can sell the product with the help of paid traffic. In this phase, you will know how to create your account in Google AdWords and Bing Ad. Apart from this, you are given information about how to create your first PPC campaign. In this phase, such tricks and practices are told, with the help of these tricks you can run a successful PPC campaign in a very low budget. I like the 5th lesson of this phase where you will learn math before creating any PPC campaign. In this lesson, you will learn all about how to set a bid strategy for pay per click Ad. Along with running a successful campaign, you will also learn to create landing pages in this phase. In Pay Per Click Advertising, making a customizable landing page is a very big challenge but with the help of Affiliate Bootcamp Training, you can easily create a Pay Per Click Friendly Landing Page.

Lessons include the following

  • An introduction to PPC on Bing ads
  • Letting Bing and Yahoo know about your site
  • Paying for traffic on Bing and Yahoo
  • Setting up your first PPC campaign
  • Take a break, do a little math
  • Creating small, bite-size review ad groups
  • Setting up conversion tracking
  • Capitalizing on hidden PPC landing pages
  • Getting real creating with keywords
  • Refining your PPC campaign and your journey…

Phase 7 – How to Scale Successful PPC Campaigns:

Total Lessons: 10
Total Tasks: 30
Brief Overview:  Scaling your business is a very important thing in PPC(pay per click ) so This phase is all about the scaling your business. Now you are generating lots of traffic through pay per click so it is the time to Blasting your WA affiliate earnings by getting more and more referral with the help of google, bing and yahoo ads. Maximise your revenue with PPC is the key feature of this phase.you will become a master of the flow of relevance with the help of this phase. You will also learn here The double down approach to PPC, The mathematical business model of PPC and how to create a long term, scalable PPC campaign.

Lessons include the following

  • Blasting your WA affiliate earnings with…
  • Understanding the Google Adwords opportunity
  • Maximising review pages with PPC
  • You, the affiliate, are responsible for…
  • Mastering the flow of relevance
  • The double down approach to PPC
  • To direct link or not to direct link
  • The mathematical business model of PPC
  • Using concise pages for PPC
  • Creating a long term, scalable PPC campaign

How much money can you make promoting wealthy affiliate:

You know above what is the Wealthy Affiliate  Boot Camp and what training is given in it. After knowing all this, you will now want to know that with the help of wealthy affiliate Bootcamp training how much money you can make by promoting the Wealthy Affiliate.

wealthy affiliate is a perfect and complete affiliate training for affiliate marketer of all levels and wealthy affiliate is also given a very good commission to you for promoting wealthy affiliate.

there is 2 type of membership available in wealthy affiliate first starter free membership and second, paid premium membership. the starter membership is free and the fees of premium membership are $49/month.

If you refer this program to others and anyone joins this program then you will get a commission.

But I want to tell you here that if anybody joins a Sartar Free Membership of a wealthy affiliate through your affiliate link, you will not receive any commission. You will get commission only when someone joins the paid premium membership of wealthy affiliate through your affiliate link.

From a single premium member who joins through your affiliate link, you can earn $23.50. The commission will be paid you every month as long as the referral remains a premium member.

As we know that the monthly fees of the wealthy affiliate are $49. This means that on joining a premium referral, about 50% is received as commission. Because wealthy affiliate gives a good commission that’s why lots of people are promoting wealthy affiliate on their websites.

If your referral Jois the yearly premium membership offer then you will receive $235 as a commission. Now you will get this commission every year as long as the referral remains a yearly premium member.

what is wealthy affiliate bootcamp review

the conversion ratio of wealthy affiliate referral from free to premium is very good it is almost 12 %. It means 12% of free starter member will be converted into a paid premium member. According to wealthy affiliate, 1 out of 8 converted into a premium member.

Not only can you earn money by promoting Wealthy Affiliate, but you can also earn money by promoting the Jaxxy Keyword Research Tool.

You can make lots of money by promoting a wealthy affiliate program it’s up to you that how much money you want to earn through the wealthy affiliate program.

Final Thoughts – What is Affiliate Bootcamp?

The people who join the Healthy Affiliate are of different experience and people from almost all the countries are members of the Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate is designed in such a way that every experience and people of all countries can be adjusted in this program. Due to all these qualities, the Wealthy Affiliate is very popular among all countries and people of all experience. That’s why it is said that the Wealthy Affiliate is a program designed for the Affiliate Marketer of All Levels.

Wealthy affiliate training is very beneficial for those who do not know much or do not know about affiliate marketing. And through this training, they can achieve success. It is not that everyone will be successful by joining the Wealthy Affiliate, but I prescribe that if they follow all the methods mentioned in the Wealthy Affiliate then they can easily achieve online success in the Affiliate marketing business.

Since Affiliate Marketing means selling products from other companies and here you are given all the training and information to promote Wealth Affiliate so that you can earn money easily by promoting Wealth Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp Training has all the information to promote the wealthy affiliate that’s why This training course is very popular among the Wealthy Affiliate Members.

Since the Wealth Affiliate pays a good commission on selling their product, this program is very popular not only among the Wealth Affiliate Members but also among other bloggers and Despite not being a member of the Wealthy Affiliate, they are promoting the Wealthy Affiliate Training Course.

Wealthy affiliate is a very competitive field due to its popularity among all bloggers. But still, its members are promoting the wealth affiliate by seeing its quality. But they don’t worry about competition because All the tips and tactics to promote the Wealthy Fafilite have been given in the Bootcamp Training.

As we know the Make Money Online niche is a competitive field, still, yet everybody wants to earn money in this niche. Keeping all these things in mind, the Affiliate Bootcamp Training Course has been designed, so through Affiliate Bootcamp, you can easily make money in the Make Money Online niche.

There are two types of training course in wealthy affiliate first Online Entrepreneur Certification course and second Affiliate Bootcamp training course. In Online Entrepreneur Certification course you learn about niche’s, how to choose a niche and how to create content on the niche. But I see many members struggle for choosing a niche. Don’t worry If you have not decided the niche yet you can promote wealthy affiliate by helping the wealthy affiliate Bootcamp training and earn money online.


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